Songs From the Last Century

Performers: Guri Egge, soprano, Einat henning Smebye, piano

Includes: Three Poems by Rainer Maria Rilke

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The Lieder lives on

Guri Egge occupies a very special position in the music life of Norway. From the very first moment she made her mark as a representative of that which was new. In a perfectly natural way she has always been at the centre of her own age, as much in her choice of repertoire as in her vocal approach. At the same time she has a strong fundament in tradition – which must be the case for anyone who wishes to present something new with authority and credibility.

Many years of collaboration between composers and performers have allowed the tradition of songs to live on in Norway, as opposed to the rest of Europe. Working with some of the best text material imaginable – Rilke, D.H. Lawrence, Jacobsen, Løveid, Brekke and Obstfelder – the five composers represented here continue to develop the art of song in the chamber format.

Also containing works by Synne Skouen, Magne Hegdal,  Finn Mortensen andKresimir Sipusch