Excerpts from the opera Elysium 
Libretto Mark Ravenhill 
after an original idea by Simen Svale Skogsrud
Excerpts from the world premiere 12 March 2016
The Norwegian Opera & Ballet
The Otheroom – Trailer
Excerpts from the world premiere in Oslo City Hall,
as the opening of the Ultima Contemporary Music Festival 2016
Manyworlds 3D – Trailer
Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
Background material here
Rolf Wallin/Kjetil Skøien:
Large Bird Mask – Trailer
Cikada Ensemble
More info about the project here
Das war schön!
Martin Grubinger, percussion
Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
Andrew Litton, conductor

Rolf Wallin/Josse De Pauw:
Strange News
From the World premiere in Oslo Concert House 2007
Artur Kisenyi, Actor
Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
Christian Eggen, conductor