Under City Skin

Performers: Peter Herresthal, violin, Øyvind Bjorå, conductor, Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, Arctic Philharmonic Sinfonietta

Includes: Under City Skin

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label: BIS Code: BIS-8019

This digital-only album presents the violin version, commissioned and premiered by Peter Herresthal, of Under City Skin, Rolf  Wallin’s 2009 concerto for viola and string orchestra. The work is a poetic and sonic journey through an imaginary cityscape, with the solo violin and the string orchestra playing off and with a pre-recorded soundtrack. Herresthal is partnered by the conductor Øyvind Bjorå and the chamber orchestra of the Arctic Philharmonic, and it is musicians from the same orchestra who make up the Sinfonietta in the work that closes this digital album: Appearances, a reflection frailty and on the appearance and disappearance of species through the ages, including the human race.